Genesis Process™ Relapse Prevention Program

Relapse Prevention Program

20-week Intensive Solo or Group Discipleship

The Genesis Process™ program is an intensive, Christ-centred, proven program delivered over 20 weeks. Upon completing the program, you will have: increased awareness of addiction triggers/sources; a highly effective personalized relapse prevention plan; a reliable support/accountability team; and numerous recovery resources and tools to ensure long-term sobriety to thrive in your Calling.

This coaching program is based on the Relapse Prevention Workbook for Addictive and Compulsive Behaviours (3rd Edition) by Michael Dye, CADC, NCAC. In order to maximize your success and protect the integrity in this program, it is strongly recommended that you have at least 90 days sobriety and life stability before beginning this program; contact us for more info. The Genesis Process™ 20-week program curriculum is detailed below.

This Relapse Prevention Program is facilitated by Todd N. Ringness.


  • 20-week relapse prevention discipleship program
  • 1 to 1 private setting (men only)
  • 45-60 minute weekly session
  • fits your schedule (based on coach availability)
  • face-to-face in person* or via zoom or similar
  • Relapse Prevention Workbook required to begin
  • CAD $500 (approx. USD $400); limited time offer

* in person available locally only; current Covid restrictions applied


  • 20-week relapse prevention discipleship program
  • small group setting (4 – 8 men)
  • 60-90 minutes weekly session (evenings/weekends)
  • next group begins January 2022
  • meet together via zoom
  • Relapse Prevention Workbook required to begin
  • CAD $350 (approx. USD $275); limited time offer

Choose Individual or Group:

The Genesis Process 20-week Coaching w/Todd Ringness

The Genesis Process™ Curriculum

Week 1: Introduction (Genesis recovery principles, impact of addiction)

Week 2: Introduction (continued, plus law of pain, double binds, secret of recovery)

Week 3: Process 1 – Assessment (self-assessment, worksheets, forms)  

Week 4: Process 2 – False Beliefs (belief systems, common false beliefs, road to the wound)  

Week 5: Process 2 – False Beliefs (inner healing)  

Week 6: Process 3 – Identity (unhealthy attachments, dialoguing with God)

Week 7: Process 4 – Life Management Skills (reduce stress tool, reality thinking tool)

Week 8: Process 4 – Life Management Skills (continued, plus FASTER scale relapse signals)

Week 9: Process 4 – Life Management Skills (continued, plus processing anger tool, conflict resolution tool)

Week 10: Process 5 – Life History (chronological review, major events, forgiveness)

Week 11: Process 5 – Life History (continued, high risk scenarios, triggers)

Week 12: Process 5 – Life History (continued, plus letter of losses tool) 

Week 13: Process 6 – Support Teams (relapse scenarios, intervention support, FASTER scale)

Week 14: Process 6 – Support Teams (continued, plus commitment to recovery letters)

Week 15: Process 7 – Dead Ends (FASTER relapse worksheet, triggers worksheet, double binds worksheet)  

Week 16: Process 7 – Dead Ends (continued, plus relapse calendar worksheet, dead end scripts, relapse movie script)

Week 17: Process 8 – Deja Vu (scripts review, the Genesis road worksheet) 

Week 18: Process 8 – Deja Vu (continued, plus support team planning)

Week 19: Process 9 – Accountability (accountability cards, mirror worksheets, weekly recovery plan)

Week 20: Process 10 – Exodus (repentance worksheet, forgiveness worksheet, generational wounds and blessings)

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