Relapse Prevention – Genesis Process™

The Genesis Process™ addiction relapse prevention program is one of the most successful Christ-centred options available to those struggling with life-controlling addictions who want FREEDOM! The Genesis Process™ boasts a remarkably high 70%+ success rate with motivated participants who successfully complete the requirements of the program.

Relapse Prevention Coaching is provided by Todd Ringness, Certified Genesis Process™ Coach. Todd has approximately three years of Genesis Process™ case work, serving more than 25 clients in a Christian residential recovery and addiction treatment centre.

Relapse Prevention

20 Weeks

  • choose solo or group schedule
  • 90+ days sobriety required to begin

Relapse Prevention

5 Hours

  • fast, short-term solo workshop
  • fits your schedule (1 to 5 weeks)

Relapse Prevention


  • one-to-one coaching, as needed
  • support to get through tough times

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