Por Favor… Use the Cream

Por Favor… Use the Cream

Por Favor… Use the Cream

For many years, I’ve struggled with a on-again off-again problem with itchy feet. No, not the kind where I have the urge to travel (though many who know me would argue this as truth.) This is a skin condition that’s never gone away.

The latest visit to a specialist yielded this non-eureka revelation, “It’s either psoriasis or dermatitis, I’m not really sure.” And he lazily/dutifully prescribed a steroid cream to make the itching (and myriad other manifestations) go away. And unsurprisingly, the condition gets worse when the ointment remains in the tube and in my bathroom drawer.

This made me think of what happens when we don’t apply the ointment of Truth to the itchy things that come our way in life. Or maybe we try it for one or two days and then give up.

Jesus said, “In this word you will have trouble.” That is Truth. He then added, “But take heart. For I have overcome the world.” Awesome Truth! (John 16:33)

Together, these two Truths form a highly-capable healing cream that can cure our unholy inclination to complain. Or resent. Or look over the fence.

It’s amazing how easily and often we forget to turn to Truth. And in our wake are countless others who are picking up what we’ve left behind. And they’re scratching an itch that never should have been shared. So instead, let’s choose Truth.

Please use the cream.

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